Magnetik Penquin/Oskart Portugal         




We want you to enjoy running your OSKART.  To guarantee you have the best experience we offer a limited non-transferable 2 year warranty covering defects in materials, workmanship and assembly.  To ensure you don't invalidate the terms of this warranty please read and understand these terms.  Magnetik Penquin/Oskart Portugal makes  every effort to ensure your product is as strong and durable as possible.  However, it is still possible to break or cause damage by crashing or misuse.  Magnetik Penguin/ Oskart Portugal, it's distributors or retailers shall not be responsible for any loss or damage, whether direct, indirect, incidental or consequential, arising from the use, misuse or abuse of this product and any  accessory or chemical required to operate this product.

It is the user's (your) responsibility to operate this product safely.  If you experience problems with this product during use it is the user's responsibility to stop the kart, investigate and correct the issues before further damage and/or injury occur.  The user MUST choose an appropriate place to run the model, safely away from potential hazards, people and animals.  The user MUST inspect  the model thoroughly before and after use to prevent problems, property damage and potential injury.  The user is responsible for using the correct batteries, fuel, glues, paints, chargers and any other tools, accessories and materials required to operate and maintain this product.   It is the responsibility of the user to follow the manufacturer's  guidelines and/or precautions for ancillary products.

Magnetik Penguin/Oskart Portugal operate an extensive test program on all products to ensure the durability and quality matches our very high standards.  For this reason we offer a 2 year warranty covering defects in materials and assembly. In the event of any defect occurring in materials or assembly of your product we will gladly repair or replace the defective component(s) at our discretion.

NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY:   Crash damage, Component failure or premature wear as result of crash damage.  Lack of maintenance/improper use/abuse, normal wear and tear. e.g.:  Worn out brake discs/brake shoes/gears/bearings/water damage or problems resulting from water intake,  pull start mechanisms - pull starts should only be pulled out about 8" and cannot withstand vigorous over pulls, Clear body shell once they have been painted and/or used, pre-painted bodies once they have been used.