• 2019 1/2 Scale Kart - W/O RADIO ** ON SALE!

    $1,850.00 $1,750.00
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    You get all the features and options of the complete Kart, Minus Radio Only!

    The 2019 OSKART 1/2 scale R/C go-kart measures a impressive 34"L x24.5"W x12"H and weighs 36 lbs race ready! Designed, engineered and hand built per order in Portugal. The kart Comes complete with suited driver, installed  servos, 7.4V LIPO battery pack with charger, instruction sheet, serialized kart, and certificate of ownership.

    Just add a radio of your choice and your ready to go! 

    Only with OSKART you get choices and options and there all included!

    Here's just a few examples, There are 5 different body panel color combinations that you can mix-n-match, driver suite, shoes and glove color options and combinations just to mention a few. If you really want to personalize your driver, we will even add your name or company's name to the front or back of the suite and again included! Just shoot us an email with your request once your order is placed and we will customize your order.

    Each true-to-scale sprint kart incorporates a precision engineered realistic polymer/metal chassis, metal supports and chromed steel tube bumpers. Body panels are high impact plastic available in 5 color choices: red, yellow, blue, green or white. Powered by a powerful 33cc two stroke engine and incorporates a realistic scale exhaust stinger which is quiet yet sounds great. Power is transmitted to the ground thru a centrifugal clutch, chain, sprockets with a large 20mm dia. solid aluminum live axle supported by three 2" precision sealed bearings providing final drive. The kart is comes equipped with medium compound tires, four other compounds including Rain and Intermediate are available at extra cost.

    The realistic scaled down driver is outfitted with: OSKART logo suede like race shoes, gloves and colorful hand sewn driver suit with colored keyed helmet. Drivers shoes and gloves attach to servo linked pedals and steering wheel for the authentic realistic driver experience!  Every kart carries it's own serial number and includes a 2 Year Limited Warranty. The kart and equipment is shipped in a custom hand built OSKART laser engraved wooden crate which is great for storing your investment.

    If you are ordering a kart and would like to add parts to your kart purchase, we can include them in the box.